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ゴンド画(GOND ART) は、インド中央部、主にマディヤ・プラデーシュ州(Madhya Pradesh)に居住する先住民族によって描かれる民族画です。農耕を生活の軸にしていた先住民族が家の土壁や土間に作ったレリーフや飾りが原点になっています。




Gond Art is a tribal art form from the state of Madhya Pradesh located in central India.

Gond art originated from the Pardharn who are the indigenous people from the Gond community. From the clay walls to their floors, art filled their homes. The people of the Pardhan community, are known to worship nature and their respect for it is depicted through their art. Art is also a form of celebration, at rituals or festivals that is believed to bring health and happiness. This vibrant art draws it’s roots from culture and rich folk tradition.

Bold drawings of trees and animals with intricate patterns are characteristic of Gond Art. The patterns include dots and lines and other motifs inspired by the painters creativity. The carefully constructed details reflect each painter’s originality and passion.

In recent years, Gond art has been also introduced as a contemporary art form in Europe and USA because of its modern style.

ゴンド画の大家Jangarh Singh Shyam

Jangarh Singh Shyam(1962-2001)は「ゴンド画」を絵画として成立させた第一人者として知られています。Jangarhがまだ若い頃、著名な画家でありキュレーターの Jagdish Swaminathanによってアーティストとしての才能を見いだされました。JangarhはSwaminathanの勧めに従って、村から都会に居を移し、近代的な道具を用いて紙やキャンバスに描くようになりました。そして試行錯誤を繰り返しながら「ゴンド画」を一つのアートとして確立。1989年パリのポンピドゥーセンターでの展示をはじめ、Jangarhの作品は世界各国で紹介されるようになり国際的に高い評価を受けるようになりました。

残念ながらJangarh Singh Shyamは39歳の若さで亡くなりましたが、彼の技法は妻・子をはじめ、今日活躍している多くのゴンド画家達に引き継がれました。現在マディヤ・プラデーシュ州の州都ボパールには、彼から直接絵を教わったゴンド画家が集まっています。

Jangarh Singh Shyam (1962-2001) was famous as a pioneer of Gond painting.

When Jangarh was a young man, a prominent Indian curator visited the tribal village where the Gond community lived, and discovered Jangarh’s paintings on the walls of the mud houses. The artist was impressed by his work and encouraged Jangarh to draw on paper and canvas instead of walls.

This was the start of Jangarh’s journey as an Gond Artist. He moved to Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh, to immerse himself fully in drawing and created a new art form called the Gond Art by mixing traditional and modern art styles. After his painting was exhibited in 1989 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Gond art was introduced international and gained popularity.

Unfortunately, Jangarh died at the age of 39. He had trained many villagers, including his wife Nankusia and his children. Many of the current Gond artists have inherited his style. Many Gond artists, who were directly trained by Jangarh, now live in Bhopal.

© Jangarh Singh Shyam
© Jangarh Singh Shyam


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TOUCH THE GOND supports the activity of artists living in India through the introduction of Gond Art.
All our paintings are originals, obtained from the Jangarh Singh Shyam family and other artists who were directly trained under him. We sell them at the exhibitions, and we also have a rental art business for exhibitions and events in Japan and other countries.Please contact us on our website www.gondart-india.com or at info@touchthegond.com.